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Welcome to Found'It a game where you'll be playing as D-Bot, a tiny robot who works in the Lost & Found department of a space station. 

Ill tempered aliens ask for their lost objects and D-Bot must find and retrieve them as fast as possible!


Found'It is an endless experience where you can play to score as many points as possible!

Share with us at @sadpeagames #founditscore your highest score! 


Found'It not only offers a solo experience but also a cooperative one. If you're with a friend or family member next to you, you can play Found'It in the same computer by plugging one or two controlers. T-Bot will join D-Bot and together they will work to reach a higher score! 

Thank you for playing and share with us any feedback to improve Found'It ! 

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorSad Pea Games
GenrePuzzle, Educational, Strategy
Tags2D, Endless, Fast-Paced, Pixel Art, Robots, Sci-fi, Space


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This does run under wine without any issues but I'd love to see a linux version (especially since it's built in godot so that should be a matter of a few button presses 😉️)

so i really wanna play this game, but no matter what, i cant download the .pck file?? whenever i download it in the downloads page itself instead of from itch.ios default download button, it doesnt download either, it just creates another folder within the apps folder with absolutely nothing in it

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nvm i just downloaded the .pck and the .exe from the web version of itch

Hey Augmented, I'm glad you could fix the issue yourself, we'll be uploading both exe and pck files in a zipped one :D 

this really fun, but also hard. I think you should make different difficulty levels

Hi Neuroburst, thank you for your feedback! 

Initially the game was easier (with only 4 variations of color per object) and we decided to push the difficulty to the next step.

Different difficulty levels is an interesting take, I'll talk to the team about it and give you an update soon. 

Have fun,


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Thanks, also one of the main reasons why it was so hard is:
1. Aliens spawn/come too fast
2. Sometimes you can't find the item and you keep on having to let the items flow in, making it almost impossible to move
3. The roomba sometimes eats the items I want D:

So maybe difficulty changes the spawn rate of the aliens, and maybe makes them choose an item that exists or maybe make the chute always deploy items that you can use rather than random ones.

Also, when I click Co-op, nothing happens even though I have controllers hooked up...

I'd also love to see updates, as I see a good future!

Thanks for pointing out specifically the reasons NeuroBurst! 

Our goal to the game in the Global Game Jam was to make a "hard game where someone must fint the correct object in a sea of lost ones" and that's why point 2 is so hard. 
Point 1 is something that we dabbled on and tried different timmings. At the moment for each 10 seconds an Alien spawns. 
Point 3 is a kinda of a neutral one, since it can help the player to clean the room but also consume the items the player needs! Keep them out of the way :P 

I often keep some items in the other side of the room where the roomba can't reach :D

Regarding the co-op, once you activate it, when you press PLAY you can play with someone else! 

I'll keep posting updates as we keep developing the game. Thank you for your feedback!

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You're welcome!

Also, something regarding the download; I noticed you have a seperate .pck file from the executable, which is kinda annoying do download separately, so what you could do is put the .pck and .exe file in a zipped file, so you can download it once!

Also, I'm just wondering, but are you still going to use godot for your future games? I also use it and It is very good!

Yeah we had some player that were having trouble with the zip file, but we'll roll back and upload it in a zipped file again :D  

Love it! Is it a recent release?

Hi Rustydog, Thank you for loving Found'It !

Yes it's a very recent release (2 days ago) though the game concept was first made in the Global Game Jam 2021. 

This is also the release of Sad Pea Games and our very first videogame without previous experience or background on gamedev! 

Hope you have fun playing Found'It and the many more games we'll be release in the future :D

Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it :D, hopefully it is useful to you :)

-The idea/concept of the game is pretty interesting.

-Visually the game looks pretty well and is very enjoyable :)

-The gameplay mechanics are very well chosen and feel pretty solid, but I'll suggest improving the item dropper as sometimes is nearly imposible to get the items that the NPCs ask for.

-Adding more depth to the game could be awesome, maybe that could be done by adding an upgrade system and a points system, maybe some upgrades could be oriented to adress what I've said before or to improve the speed of recharging your energy, etc.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Hi FullThrough,

We are without words for your amazing feedback. We'll be working on some of the aspects you mentioned.
The game does have upgrades that the player can consume (the blue and pink energy spheres) to gain speed, recharge, strength (ignores object's weight) and even flight! With your feedback we notice that this information is lacking and we'll be adding it to the initial instructions when you start the game! 

We'll be also improving the Itch.io page, make it more appealing and have more information regarding the point system of the game that currently is implemented (the longer the alien waits, the less points give!)

Once again, thank you so much, your feedback is very useful for us and we'll be definitely subscribe :D

Our best regards 

You are welcome. good luck improving the game, it has a lot of potential ^^

Bue fixe! <3